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Lead the Change: Your Path to Inclusive Leadership Begins Here

The Simmons Leadership Conference (SLC) isn’t just an event – it’s a catalyst for transformative change. We were proud to welcome thousands of leaders to this uplifting and empowering 1-day experience on April 3 to focus on “Creating Impact”. 

Attendees immersed themselves in thought-provoking discussions led by distinguished keynote speakers, including Padma Lakshmi, Cassandra Worthy, Jennifer Hyman, Magie Cook, Gloria Steinem, and Trevor Noah. Every session was designed to inspire, provide wisdom, and offer actionable insights for the modern workplace. 

All of the sessions from the Simmons Leadership Conference (#SLC45) are now available for viewing on demand. Whether you want to revisit an inspiring keynote or catch a session that you missed, VOD provides you with the flexibility to engage with the content at your own pace:

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Attendees Are Raving...

Even attending this conference virtually, you could feel the energy of the speakers! The nuggets of wisdom and guidance, I will put into practice immediately, like choosing to be BETTER rather than be BITTER. Thank you, Magie, for reminding us that we are EXTRAORDINARY, and that we have the power to create to do so many things. Thank you, Simmons University, for gathering us together for this amazing conference!

Channeary McDowell

Strategic Site Partnership Lead, Novartis

What a learning experience! Attended the Simmons Leadership Conference today representing HPE. Interacting with such powerhouses and women of impact first hand was an experience I will never forget.

Richelle Smith, MSM,MSW

Assistant Principal, Arlington Public Schools

Loved hearing the stories from all the leaders today. The impact only continues and loved hearing Padma Lakshmi's mentor stories and giving back to her community by paving the path with the power of networking. Especially felt inspired by Magie's manifestation story of living in an orphanage and having a hard childhood only to see herself as equal as the rest of us. Simply shows just how mindset plays a key role in our success and how we show up everyday.

Kimberly Falcon

Software Engineer I, USAA

What a treat to listen to Cassandra Worthy! Today she gave a talk at the 45th Annual Simmons Leadership Conference #SLC45 - talk that engages, influences, inspires. There were lots of learnings on how to "uncover your inner change enthusiast to maximize your impact." Her authenticity, honesty, and energizing presence is the bar for all influencers and inspirational speakers.

Natia Tsomaia, PhD, PMP

Associate Director, Pharmaceutical R&D Global Program Manager at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)

I really enjoyed virtually attending the conference yesterday! Thank you to all the organizers, speakers, and sponsors for a day full of inspiration and creating impact!

Kayla Bolton

Communications & Project/Program Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprises

What an amazing, inspiring and impactful event!!!
Congratulations to you and your entire team! I am so lucky to have been able to attend and I can’t wait to pay it forward by continuing the conversation. Thank you for leading the charge in creating an inclusive workplace!

Beth Comenat

Business Transformation Leader| Ex-FB/Meta, Ex-Oracle

I cried, laughed, applauded with the wonderful women around me and really immersed myself in this experience. We all have what it takes to become who we want to be as long as we are resilient and stand true to our beliefs.I could have never dreamed up this life for myself but other people saw my potential and with that I flourished. Now it’s my turn, I will continue to stand behind my beliefs and fight for those that don’t have a voice with kindness, compassion and always empathy.

Michele Murphy

Liaison Education & Development Specialist

So excited and happy to be *virtually* a part of the Simmons Leadership Conference today! Learning, growing and connecting with other leaders around the world is an AMAZING opportunity!! Even more amazing that this year was the 45th anniversary of this event. I plan to take back a lot of tips I can use to impact change in my role.

Tatyana Thomas-Sanford

Frontline Supervisor at Boston Children’s Hospital

Why Simmons Stands Out

Amid a sea of leadership conferences, why choose the Simmons Leadership Conference? Here’s why:

  • ENGAGE with thought leaders driving impact.
  • NETWORK with leaders fostering change.
  • ACCESS tools to revolutionize your workplace culture.
  • EXPERIENCE inspiration like never before.
  • ADVOCATE for genuine, equity-driven leadership.
  • CELEBRATE your commitment to the future of inclusive leadership.

Uniting for Change to Drive Impact


Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem 2024 Keynote Speaker
Writer & Feminist Activist

Our aim for this transformative conversation is to create meaning for all around Allyship – and especially the phenomenally important strides we need to make in fostering a new era of Allyship for women. We can’t think of a better power duo to speak truth about what’s so on the hard stuff – and give insight into the inclusive leadership needed - to bring to life a world where half the world’s population are indeed half the world’s leaders. 


Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah 2024 Keynote Speaker
Comedian, Host of the Emmy® Award-winning “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and philanthropist

Experience history with virtual keynote, Trevor Noah. Symbolizing our dedication to allyship, Trevor brings a blend of humor, global insights, and a unique perspective on leadership and culture transformation. Join Trevor and our powerhouse lineup of influential voices as they pave the way for modern leadership.

Meet All Our Inspiring Speakers

This year’s speakers will share their personal journeys, offer career-building advice, and lead thought-provoking discussions on the theme of action and impact. Get ready to be inspired!

The Simmons Leadership Conference Is for You If…

  •  You’re driven to be a force of positive change in leadership.
  •  You value inclusion and equity as a cornerstone of impactful leadership.
  •  Tangible insights and actions that support workplace inclusion resonate more than mere theories.
  •  Connecting with gender parity visionaries ignites your passion.
  •  You represent an organization that champions positive cultural evolution.
  •  Allyship, for you, is a call to action and a commitment to create impact.

Shaping the Future of Inclusive Leadership

Leadership isn’t just about holding a position; it’s about creating impact. It’s time to bridge the gap between traditional leadership and a future where everyone’s voice holds weight. A future where workplaces are reshaped for the better and inclusivity becomes a standard across all organizations.

Facing Modern Leadership Challenges Head-On

The Simmons Leadership Conference equips you with strategies to rise above these challenges. We’re here to help you lead with authenticity, resilience, and most importantly, impact. Discover our impact over the years.

We understand the barriers today’s leaders face:
Navigating rapid changes in the global business landscape.
Struggling to foster inclusivity and understanding in diverse teams.
Balancing personal well-being with professional demands.


You've just attended SLC45. You're transforming your team, and your industry takes notice. With the tools you gained from our inclusive leadership conference, you're not just a leader – you're a beacon of change.

Visualize a world where leadership truly represents all. Where equity isn't a goal, but a given.

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