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Skill-building that really moves the needle

Our innovative and dynamic sessions leverage our proprietary learning frameworks to ensure you come away with concrete outcomes: actions you can take, benchmarks to stay accountable, next steps for continuing learning. Combine several modules to custom-build the right program for your organization. Each thought-provoking and engaging module can be adapted for in-person, online or self-paced delivery.

Exceptional online experiences

During the pandemic, we have a proven record of meeting the critical demands for virtual learning solutions. Our online programs, powered by cutting-edge technology, are deeply effective and built from the best practices for adult learning. Live or self-paced learning we offer include team collaboration, coaching and personal reflection, AI gamification and more.

Women’s leadership

Activating your best self

This session provides an opportunity for participants to understand the specifics about when they are at their best. This view includes clarity of strengths, core values, and public persona. This session provides participants with frameworks and strategies for evaluating feedback and using that feedback to awaken to and intentionally activate their best selves, both at work and in other contexts. It will also enhance their situational awareness and understanding of the need to focus on relationships.

You will:

  • Identify personal strengths and relational capabilities
  • Understand which kinds of work situations bring out the best in people
  • Apply insights from feedback to better lead and/or manage career and personal development
  • Apply insights from feedback to better lead and/or manage others

Cultivating resilience

In this session, participants will evaluate stress and explore its impact on our ability to lead as our best selves.  Participants will dive in deep on how they can strengthen their emotional resilience — their ability to manage their emotions and recover quickly from adversity so that they can avoid emotional exhaustion and burnout. They will gain a better understanding of why managing their emotions is so critical to leadership and learn new strategies to address the impact of stressors and cultivate greater resilience.  

You will:

  • Understand why emotional resilience is important
  • Learn a 7-step strategy to effectively manage your emotions
  • Commit to specific self-care steps that will lift you up and help restore your energy

Being a woman leader with vision

Organizations need leaders who can envision a compelling future. Learn how successful leaders energize people around their vision and operationalize the way forward. In this interactive session, you will also discuss the additional challenges that women may face in crafting and articulating a positive vision of the future.

You will learn:

  • Steps for crafting a compelling shared vision
  • How being seen as visionary can impact your career success
  • How to use the language of vision to cement your reputation as a visionary leader

Creating a powerful leadership brand

Top women leaders project their unique value—and deliver on it. In this highly interactive and hands-on session, you will apply the building blocks of brand identity to your own leadership style. What is the impact that you make on your organization’s bottom line? You will leave this session having crafted a brand definition/statement that presents your talents and skills in a clear and compelling way.

You will learn:

  • The building blocks of brand identity
  • How to identify your unique talents and skills
  • How to write a compelling personal brand statement

Intentional Networking

This session empowers and inspires participants to view networking as an integral part of their career management strategy. It gives them a practical roadmap for how to effectively curate and communicate with their network to accomplish their individual leadership goals. It introduces an efficient networking conversation structure.

You will:

  • Feel grounded in a perspective of networking that feels authentic and energizing
  • Create an elevator pitch to help launch networking conversations 
  • Follow the Intentional Networking Roadmap 
  • Learn how to map, curate and build your Linkedin network with purpose
  • Follow a five-step, five-question structure for having impactful networking conversations

Gender & leadership

When most people picture a leader, they see a tall, middle aged white man in a suit. Although this image is changing, many organizations still have rules and procedures that unintentionally favor people who fit that image, and disadvantage people who don’t. This highly interactive session uses role play, research, and group discussions to explore work practices and norms that look gender neutral, but can have a differential impact on women.

You will learn:

  • How to identify and navigate the invisible and unintentional barriers that hinder the progress of women and other underrepresented groups
  • What the latest research says about how gender plays out in organizations
  • How race, ethnicity, and other social identities create additional challenges and opportunities

Embracing your leader identity

Identify your own personal style with the HRDQ Leadership styles diagnostic. Through reflection and analysis of your data, you will be equipped to identify strengths and blind spots. This dynamic and powerful session will include a discussion on the benefits of flexing across styles, and exploring strategies to maximize your persona style

You will learn:

  • The strengths and challenges of your leadership style
  • How different styles may be interpreted differently based on the gender of the leader
  • How to leverage your style for maximum impact as a woman leader

Leading high-performing teams

In this highly interactive session, you will learn how to apply your leadership style to the three main roles of a team leader: assembling the team, building the team’s foundation, and holding team members accountable. Learn the value—and cost—of diversity in teams. Build a plan to improve team performance.

You will learn:

  • How paying attention to gender, race, ethnicity and other dimensions of diversity on a team can strengthen outcomes
  • When gender may have an impact on team dynamics and how to navigate those situations
  • The impact of your leadership style on team performance

Returning to your best self

Leading from a place of self-awareness and self-management yields the best outcomes. In this action oriented and reflective session, you will learn strategies for returning to your Best Self to close the gap between intent and impact. You will cultivate a foundation of confidence that will allow you to respond to situations and people with curiosity and calm so you can maximize your effectiveness.

You will learn:

  • How to apply a centering mindset when you are knocked off balance
  • Practices for quieting the harsh inner voices
  • How to minimize the impact of the imposter phenomenon

Managing perceptions

How is your leadership viewed? How may that be impacted by a gendered lens? This session will provide you with strategies for managing the perceptions of others and influencing how others perceive their own leadership behaviors. You will also explore to what degree the practices and culture of your own organization may contribute to a gendered lens.

You will learn:

  • How to view leadership through a gendered lens
  • To recognize gendered practices in your own organization
  • How to manage the leadership behaviors of others

Negotiating conditions for success

This session introduces the fundamentals of successful workplace negotiation, with a particular focus on women and negotiation. Learn the basic elements of mutual gains problem-solving. Through group discussion and role-playing, gain skills for empowering yourself as an effective advocate.

You will learn:

  • What the research tells us about what makes women great negotiators
  • A model for how to prepare for negotiations to maximize your outcome
  • How to create connections for mutual problem-solving

Inclusive leadership

Allyship for everyone

Acting as an ally can be a highly effective way to support your colleagues and create a culture of inclusion on your team. It can also feel challenging at first, and sometimes your best intentions might not have the impact you intend. This highly interactive session offers insights on how to overcome the barriers to true allyship.

You will learn:

  • What it really means to be an ally
  • What actions you already take and what new actions you can add
  • How to identify and navigate barriers and concerns about acting as an ally

Creating cultures of belonging

Creating conditions where everyone feels uniquely valued and accepted for who they are is one of the most important jobs of an inclusive leader. This practical, hands-on session explores why people are more creative, innovative and engaged when they feel like they belong.

You will learn:

  • The differences between fitting in and belonging
  • How to repair a situation where someone feels excluded, including how to have difficult conversations
  • The key factors that promote belonging in organizations

Diversity, equity & inclusion as leadership competencies

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are words that we hear often, but what do they truly mean? In this foundational session, we will develop a shared understanding of key concepts and the historical systems that have led to where we are today.

You will learn:

  • The role of these concepts in building your leadership capacity
  • How your own integrated social identities shape your sense of self
  • Ways to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into your leadership

Driving results through gender allyship

People who identify as men have a critical role to play in achieving gender equity. In this highly interactive session, learn how you can act as an ally to ensure your colleagues are able to contribute fully, and drive results for both your team and your organization.

You will learn:

  • Ways that gender dynamics operate in organizations
  • The challenges and opportunities of gender allyship by role-playing true-to-life scenarios
  • How you are already acting as an ally—and how you can do even more

Igniting change for equity & inclusion

Multiply your impact by changing systems as well as your own actions and behaviors. In this comprehensive session, learn the many ways you can influence others and initiate change—wherever you sit in the organization.

You will learn:

  • How to design and implement “small wins”—small changes that can have an immediate impact
  • Ways to inspire others to adopt proven practices to reduce the impact of bias and increase equity
  • Strategies for identifying and enlisting key stakeholders who can make change across the organization

Leadership & social identity

Leaders from underrepresented groups face unique challenges because our concept of leadership is tied to our ideas about social identity. In this session, we examine the accepted way that work gets done and the differential impact it may have on underrepresented talent.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for managing dynamics in leadership situations based on real-life scenarios
  • Applying frameworks for understanding gender and other dynamics including the double bind and invisible work
  • Practical pushing and how to apply it to the situations you encounter

Stepping up to sponsorship

When opportunities are being discussed, do you speak out on behalf of people who aren’t the obvious or expected candidates? Does anyone do the same for you? In this thought-provoking session we will explore the critical role of sponsorship.

You will learn:

  • The benefits for the sponsor, the person being sponsored, and the organization
  • How to develop relationships with potential sponsors/sponsees
  • What it takes for a sponsor to put their reputation on the line for a sponsee

Understanding implicit bias

Raising awareness of implicit (sometimes called unconscious) bias is a critical step in making better decisions. In this eye-opening session we discuss how this thinking shortcut—like other cognitive biases—may have unintended consequences.

You will learn:

  • Where implicit bias comes from
  • What the implications of implicit bias are, and how it operates
  • How to mitigate biases to minimize unintended consequences

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