2024 Keynote Speaker

Cassandra Worthy

World’s Leading Expert on Change Enthusiasm

Cassandra Worthy is the world’s leading expert on Change Enthusiasm. She is lighting the world on fire with her refreshingly unique take on not just “managing” but also growing through change. Through her consulting firm Change Enthusiasm Global, she has shared this revolutionary approach for not only embracing change but using it to propel you to heights you never imagined with thousands all over the world. She is trusted by clients around the globe, including MassMutual, Johnson & Johnson, CVS Pharmacy, Bristol Myers Squibb, SnapChat, and Cisco.

After spending nearly 15 years working as an executive within both Procter & Gamble and Berkshire Hathaway, thriving through some of the biggest acquisitions ever recorded in the consumer packaged goods industry, Cassandra decided to cultivate the mindset and tools she had practiced to grow through these disruptions in a way that inspires, invigorates, and motivates others to grow through their change challenges.

Her practical yet inspiring strategies can empower anyone to authentically embrace change and find their own unique power of resilience during turbulent times. Using insights gleaned from her life, those of her clients, as well as the tools and exercises she has refined over the years, Cassandra Worthy has written the playbook for anyone leading, influencing, going through, or embarking upon change, Change Enthusiasm, a fall 2021 ‘Next Big Idea’ nominee, a list curated by Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink, Susan Cain, and Adam Grant.