Kira Hower headshot Kira Hower headshot
Institute Fellow

Kira Hower

Women’s Empowerment Coach

Kira Hower, M.Ed. is a Women’s Empowerment Coach, specializing in Women’s  Leadership. She is passionate about helping women thrive at all levels in their  career. With 20 years of coaching and facilitation experience with women across  the globe, she helps organizations and individuals from all sectors tackle issues  such as Building Influencing Skills, Leading with Integrity, and Understanding  Gender Communication. Kira uses embodied leadership practices to build  leadership presence and strengthen confidence in women leaders.  

A seasoned executive coach to CEOs, senior executives, and high-potential  employees, Kira is well versed in working one-to-one and in groups. She  currently is an Executive Coach for Chief, a membership-based networking and  educational organization that helps senior level and C-suite women develop  their leadership skills. Kira also educates and inspires people with her keynotes and workshops on gender communication, change management, influencing skill building, and women’s leadership. 

Kira speaks Spanish and Italian, having lived in Europe in her 20s, but is a  native of the Boston area. She is the mother of two teenage daughters and is  married to her partner of 18 years, venture capitalist Bob Hower.