Dr. Špela Trefalt Dr. Špela Trefalt
Institute Fellow

Dr. Špela Trefalt

Executive Coach, Speaker & Consultant

Dr. Špela Trefalt helps organizations examine and rethink how work is getting done so that they can continue delivering excellent service while allowing their employees to have meaningful lives outside of work. This supports a more diverse set of individuals to
thrive and achieve organizational success. Her advice is firmly grounded in research.

Špela is an experienced workshop facilitator with a deep understanding of human and organizational psychology. She helps leadership teams and larger groups take leadership of organizational change, develop and benefit from their networks, create
vision, and achieve work-life balance.

She is also an experienced executive and parental coach with over 15 years of coaching experience. She works with professionals, such as consultants, attorneys, accountants, physicians, academics, and managers, to help them get the results and experiences that they want at work and at home. She also coaches women through a successful transition to working motherhood. She draws on her expertise in work-life balance, workplace relationships, gender in organizations, and organizational change leadership to support her clients in crafting jobs for a higher sense of meaning as well as higher effectiveness.

Professional Experience

Špela has built a portfolio career. She started with a decade in television, hosting shows; then moved into human resource  management, then consulting, and over 20 years ago began her unexpected career in business academia, which she combined with executive coaching. She now focuses on executive coaching, speaking, workshop facilitation and consulting, primarily in professional services firms and in the healthcare industry. She works with the Harvard Medical School, some of the world’s leading law firms, as well as several international consulting, private equity, investment, engineering, architectural, and design firms.