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Introducing the Better Understanding Podcast

By Susan MacKenty Brady
March 17, 2021
Susan Brady headshot

Susan MacKenty Brady

Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership CEO, Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership

Taking the mystery out of inclusive leadership

It all begins with understanding ourselves and understanding others. This podcast, hosted by Susan MacKenty Brady, is an invitation—a gentle and open-hearted extended hand—to increase our ability to work and live more effectively. Together we’ll explore how to embrace all dimensions of difference and foster inclusion.

We’ll talk about the hard part of leading inclusively in our homes, our communities in our workplaces, and in our lives. At the core, leading inclusively starts with a desire to understand. Each episode is designed to spark something that leaves you wanting to know more.

We will feature guests from all sectors and industries, thought leaders, academics, diversity & inclusion experts, executive champions for change—talking about what better understanding and leading inclusively means to them, why this is so critical at work, and learn how to practice living with more understanding.

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