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The Importance of Authenticity in the Workplace

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Are you being authentic at work?

We surveyed more than 6,700 people who registered for the 2021 Simmons Leadership Conference to learn more about the importance of authenticity in the workplace, what it really means, and its impact on individuals and organizations. Not surprisingly, individuals who feel comfortable being authentic at work are often employed at organizations with a culture of authenticity and managed by leaders who are themselves authentic. This report offers tools for building authenticity, derived from the data of this study, insights gained from our survey results, and suggestions offered by our respondents.

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It is easier to be genuine than to keep a front on. I feel like I am more productive when I don’t have to put on airs in order to be accepted. I have heard it said before, ‘It can be exhausting to keep all the lies straight.’ That’s what happens when you can’t be authentic at work.