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Inclusive Leadership in Action

Foster an inclusive culture, create allyship, and provide professional growth for underrepresented populations.

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Unlock leadership potential through inclusion

Recent events have galvanized leaders across all industries to create more equitable and inclusive organizations. However, many struggle to put those aspirations into practice. Our proprietary framework The Work of the Inclusive Leader™ provides clear, practical actions that anyone can take to lead more inclusively, step up as an ally, and make change to move the needle on equity. Leaders at all levels who take these actions will amplify their organization’s success.

Embrace inclusive leadership

Leading inclusively allows everyone to contribute to their highest potential.

Activate allyship

Acting as an ally increases your team’s engagement and sense of belonging.

Mobilize change

Real change lives in action - personal actions of allies and leaders as well as organizational action.

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Free Webinar Series

Inclusive Leadership in Action

Great leaders are inclusive leaders. This free webinar series explores the actions of The Work of the Inclusive Leader™ so you can increase your effectiveness and impact.


The Inclusive Leader's Playbook

This easy-to-use guide offers a wealth of tips and techniques for fostering a mindset of inclusion and creating a culture of equity in your organization.

Custom Learning Journeys

We partner with you to create results-driven program content for all levels of your organization. Build a culture of inclusion. Develop your women leaders. Foster allyship and equity in your next generation leaders.

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The Simmons Leadership Conference

The Simmons Leadership Conference has been at the forefront of women’s leadership since its inception in 1978 as America’s first women’s business conference. It has paved the way for women’s leadership around the world inspiring over 115K+ women to date.

Each year, the conference brings together more than 8,500 professional leaders from around the globe – women and their allies – who want to better themselves, their workplaces, and the world. The conference stage has seen notable keynote speakers such as Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Brené Brown, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and more.

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Client success stories

Diversity & inclusion in tech

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Reimagining diversity & inclusion in tech

After a major merger and strategy change, a leading tech company needed a total redesign of its Diversity & Inclusion program.

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