What Does It Mean to Arrive & Thrive with Susan MacKenty Brady


As it turns out, thriving isn’t a place that we arrive at or achieve once and for all. Rather, we have the opportunity to engage in a moment-to-moment practice every day about what it means to thrive. This looks different for each of us.

In this interview, Susan MacKenty Brady, CEO of the Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership, sits down with Allison Dunn, executive business coach and owner of Deliberate Directions to share insight from her latest book Arrive & Thrive, which focuses on the 7 practices that women leaders need to thrive in the workforce today.

Tune in to hear Susan uncover 3 tips for thriving, how to know when you’re thriving, and how to become more self-aware as we foster a culture of belonging and inclusion – to lift ourselves and others around us.

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