Maximize Your Virtual Conference Experience at SLC45

By Kristen Palson
February 20, 2024
SLC45 virtual conference


The 45th Annual Simmons Leadership Conference (SLC45) is just around the corner, and this year, it’s bringing the best of both worlds – an immersive hybrid experience allowing you to participate either in-person or virtually.

Attending our premier inclusive leadership conference online provides flexibility, accessibility, and cost savings, among other valuable benefits. But you may be wondering exactly how to get the most out of this unique virtual format. Read on for practical strategies to fully engage, gain value, and come away feeling enriched and inspired.

Leadership Conference Registration Details – Special Savings Opportunities

Before we dive into the strategies, be sure to register online in advance if you’re interested in joining us virtually this year. We encourage you to team up with colleagues or peers to attend together. Enjoy camaraderie while diving into remarkable learning about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with the added perk of savings through our special virtual group discount. For every group of 4 you register to attend virtually, you’ll receive 1 complimentary virtual ticket – a 20% savings!

Best Practice in Hybrid Events

“The Simmons Leadership Conference has been a best practice in how they shifted to a hybrid event. With an easy-to-use platform, more globalized content, and amazing speakers that motivate attendees, they have made it simple for us to be more inclusive in offering seamless access to our global team members for the event.”

Dawn Tiemann

Sr. Advisor, External Relationships, Dell Technologies

Graphic saying Host a Virtual Watch Party, April 3, 2024 for the 45TH Simmons Leadership ConferenceExplore the benefits of hosting a “Virtual Watch Party” with your team in this companion blog post. Collaborating with others can deepen your experience and allow for dynamic discussions during and after sessions.


Optimize Your Environment For Maximum Focus

Preparation is key to engaging fully during the conference.

Create a dedicated workspace that promotes focus and minimizes distractions. Proper lighting and a comfortable chair can make a big difference in your overall experience.

Familiarize yourself with the conference platform well in advance. Test your internet connection, camera, and microphone to avoid any technical glitches during the event. This ensures you can actively participate in interactive elements like instant networking groups, polls, discussions, and Q&A sessions.

Have your favorite note-taking tools handy so you can easily jot down your key takeaways and lightbulb moments when inspiration strikes.

Inform those around you about your participation in the conference to minimize interruptions. Use headphones as needed. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” and set up an autoresponder on email. Have healthy snacks and water nearby to keep your energy up.

Commit to full engagement and treat this day as an investment in you and your growth. Remind yourself to be present and intentional with your time before the conference kicks off. You get out what you put in!


Map Out Your Personalized Conference Journey

At the heart of SLC45 are globally esteemed speakers offering remarkable wisdom across timely topics. In addition to this year’s keynote lineup, you’ll also have access to moderated discussions with influential women leaders providing candid insights into their leadership journeys. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to select from one of our breakout signature sessions – offered concurrently at 12pm ET. 

We suggest reviewing the conference agenda in advance to choose your preferred breakout session and moderated discussions, ensuring they resonate with your professional objectives and interests. This focused approach ensures that every session contributes meaningfully to your growth and development. If you can’t make a session, no worries – post-conference video-on-demand allows you to catch up conveniently on anything missed.


Feeling Empowered and Energized

“Feeling empowered and energized this morning as I virtually attend the Simmons Leadership Conference…I am inspired and grateful to hear these remarkable women share their journeys and experiences.”

Bianca Mattera

Executive Assistant, CDW


Actively Engage for Maximum Impact

Take advantage of SLC45’s interactive features and networking opportunities to get the most value from your virtual experience:

  • Submit questions directly to speakers for meaningful dialogue, and vote to prioritize which ones they address. Transform the experience from passive listening to active engagement.
  • Contribute your perspectives to lively polls and discussions on inclusive leadership topics like allyship and how to create a culture of inclusion. Your voice matters!
  • Leverage “Instant Networking” for one-on-one virtual meetings with other attendees. Forge valuable connections.
  • Explore immersive sponsor booths and our online bookstore. Discover resources to continue your learning journey.


As if I was there in Person

“I absolutely love that it was a hybrid experience. Due to the excellent technology set-up that was provided, my virtual experience was flawless. It was as if I was there in person!”

Latsamy Visetsin

Manager of Inclusion & Diversity, TJX Companies, Inc.


Continue Connecting After the Leadership Conference

The value of SLC45 extends beyond the live event. Proactively reach out to fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors afterward to share insights, offer resources, and explore shared interests. These relationships can become integral parts of your ongoing professional network, and our inclusive leadership conference is all about women networking!

Reflect on your key takeaways after the conference. How can you apply these learnings about diversity in organizations moving forward? Set a SMART goal around implementing an insight within the next month.

By being proactive before, fully present during, and intentional after SLC45, you are sure to find immense reward in your virtual attendance. Get ready for an immersive experience at the 45th Annual Simmons Leadership Conference! You’ll walk away feeling informed, invigorated, and inspired. See you online! 

Join us at the 2024 Simmons Leadership Conference

The Simmons Leadership Conference (SLC) isn’t just an event – it’s a catalyst for transformative change. Join us for an uplifting and empowering 1-day experience on April 3 as we dive into the theme of “Creating Impact” distinguished keynote speakers, including Padma Lakshmi, Cassandra Worthy, Jennifer Hyman, Magie Cook, Gloria Steinem, and Trevor Noah.