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The Key to Helping Women Thrive That Many Organizations Are Ignoring

By Elisa van Dam
September 14, 2023
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As a leader, you play a key role in your staff’s ability to thrive. In our spring 2023 research survey, we wanted to find out more about how women experience thriving and what managers and organizations can do to support thriving. Read on for our top findings!

Why Thriving Is Important

We asked respondents how they feel and what the impact is when they feel like they are thriving at work. Here’s what they told us:

  • Women who are thriving feel more confident, more engaged, and happier. They also report feeling more inspired and feeling better about themselves.
  • When they are thriving, respondents are more productive and more likely to go “above and beyond.” They also report being more effective and more able to do their best work.

how you feel when thriving at work bar chart

Top Tips for Leaders

The good news is that a few key actions can have a big impact on your team members’ ability to thrive. Based on our findings, we recommend that leaders:

  1. Provide opportunities for meaningful work. Helping employees feel accomplished and like they are contributing and having impact is the most important way to boost thriving.
  2. Provide opportunities for learning and development. These don’t have to be formal or expensive; on-the-job learning is also valued.
  3. Ensure employees feel valued and recognized. Understanding how individuals like to be recognized, and ensuring they know they and their work are valued is critical for thriving.

You’ll find much more information and additional tools in our report, Thriving at Work.

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