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Susan MacKenty Brady and Lou Diamond Discuss What It Means to Thrive

Susan MacKenty Brady Chair for Women and Leadership and CEO of Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership.

Susan MacKenty Brady

CEO, Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership

Susan MacKenty Brady, a renowned leadership expert, and Thrive LouD podcast host Lou Diamond discuss how empathy-first leadership fosters a culture of inclusion and a safe, healthy workplace environment. Susan also highlights that it’s critical that leaders show up as their best selves — and know how to return there — to thrive in leadership and empower those around them to also thrive.

Take the next step in your leadership journey and gain the tools and strategies to create a healthy team environment that allows everyone to thrive. Register for our newest certificate program for women, Leading with Impact. As faculty lead, Susan draws on the wisdom she gained while writing the book, as well as her latest thinking on how women can increase their positive impact as leaders.

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