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Arrive & Thrive as a Woman Leader

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Inspire women to achieve their full potential

Diversity in leadership has a proven positive impact on business results. Investing in diverse talent is key to ensuring greater parity in leadership roles. Our high-impact programs provide tools, networks, and most importantly, an understanding of how gender and other social identities shape leadership. They help you engage and retain high potential diverse talent and accelerate the advancement of women.

Engage and retain women leaders

Become the employer of choice for the most talented women leaders in your field.

Acknowledge the complexities of gender

Recognize the many dimensions of identity to maximize the success of women leaders.

Accelerate the advancement of women

Leverage the proven strategies of sponsorship and high-impact learning.


Certificate course

Women's Leadership Accelerator Certificate Program

(formerly Strategic Leadership for Women)

Cultivate the essential skills women need to become influential leaders and decision-makers in your organization. This dynamic learning experience brings to life the challenges and opportunities for women leaders.

Featured module

Gender & Leadership

Identify and navigate the invisible and unintentional barriers that hinder the progress of women and other underrepresented groups. Through role-play, research, and group discussion explore work practices and norms that look gender-neutral but can have a differential impact on women.

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Client success stories

High-potential women leaders in pharma

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Retaining and advancing high-potential women leaders in pharma

A global pharmaceutical company wanted to create a hands-on program to fast-track its most promising women leaders into C-suite executive roles.

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